School of Education

At West Virginia Wesleyan, we seek to prepare professional elementary and secondary classroom teachers who are active learners and decision makers. Competence as entry-level teachers derives from:

  • thorough preparation in teaching fields;
  • mastery of professional skills appropriate to the chosen teaching level;
  • an appreciation for the richness of diverse culture and the worth of individuals.

You will be provided with many opportunities for first-hand experiences working with students in your chosen teaching field. Public schools in Upshur, Lewis, Harrison, and Randolph counties provide the settings for directed observation and teaching.

Graduates who complete Wesleyan's teacher education program qualify for professional licensure in West Virginia and most other states. A few states may require limited additional work and/or testing before a candidate education out-of-state may be eligible for permanent professional licensure.

Cultural Diverse Trip

Culturally Diverse Trip

May, 2012

Harrisonburg, Virginia

WVWC Music Education Teacher

Social Studies Teacher Candidates meet author, Dr. Sally McMillen, during Women's History Month.