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My course is currently identified as part of the General Education curriculum – what do I need to do for it to continue in this status?


Courses Currently Identified in the
General Education Distributive Curriculum

  • Submit the following documentation to the Director(s) of General Education
    • Form in Appendix A
  • Prior to Teaching the Course
    • Identify at least one general education outcome
    • Identify assessment to address the general education outcome
    • Submit a copy of the assessment instrument (exam, assignment with rubric, etc.)
  • After Completion of the Course (within six weeks of end of semester)
    • Aggregated or raw data from the assessment of the general education outcome(s)
    • Brief reflection/observation on student learning and any suggestions to improve this in future offerings of this course
    • See Gen Ed Assessment Report form in Appendix C

I would like to propose a new course or have an existing course that I would like to be included in the General Education program – what do I need to do?

New Course Proposals or
Existing Courses Not Currently Identified as General Education

  • Submit Form (Appendix B) to General Education Director(s)
  • Course Syllabus that contains specific General Education outcome(s)
  • Identification of which General Education category the outcome aligns with
  • Description of the learning activities designed to facilitate student learning of the General Education outcome(s)
  • Enrollment plans for the course (number of sections, frequency, student enrollment)
  • Explanation of embedded assessment that will measure student learning of the General Education outcome(s)
  • Copy of the assessment instrument

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Identify specific learning outcomes for General Education (see list of those that have been identified)
  • Specify how these outcomes will be measured within the course
  • Provide assessment data on the general education outcomes to the General Education Director(s) [See Gen Ed Assessment Report form in Appendix C]
  • Share these data and related observations with other faculty and students to improve student learning in the General Education program.

General Education Director(s) Responsibilities

  • Supporting faculty in:
    • Determining course-specific General Education student-learning outcomes, either by selecting from among those already articulated or developing additional
    • Selecting or designing appropriate course-embedded assessment instruments
  • Analyzing, sharing, and recording (in TracDat) the resulting assessment data
  • Making recommendations for improvements based on assessment data

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