West Virginia Wesleyan offers a variety of majors and courses suitable for students interested in legal careers.  General course recommendations based upon research from a range of law schools are available online.  Students should consult with individual law schools to verify specific requirements.  Admission to law school depends on performance in a demanding curriculum, leadership experience, and research skills.  More generally, it depends on communication skills and general analytical and reasoning abilities as measured by the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). 

The Pre-Law Association at Wesleyan is a very active campus group whose members are considering attendance of law school following their undergraduate studies.  The Association sponsors guest lectures such as lawyers and judges from the region, who address members concerning various current legal issues. 

Membership in the Association is an excellent way of learning firsthand about the demands of law school, the LSAT, law school application process, undergraduate preparatory work, legal internships, and generally, what it is like to be a lawyer.  Dues are only $5 per year.  Students interested in finding out more about the Association should contact Professor David McCauley, the Pre-Law advisor at 473-8322 or at