Wesleyan’s MBA program is designed for both full-time students and working
professionals in Central West Virginia. Faculty advisors design an individualized
program of study for each MBA student. Program design is flexible, with each
core course offered at least once per year. Class sessions are taught during the
evenings to accommodate working professionals. In addition, the program design
is particularly friendly to students with non-business backgrounds.

Upon completion of the MBA program, graduates should be able to do the

MBA Student-Learning Goals:
1. Demonstrate high levels of knowledge and skills in current theory and
application in the four functional areas of business: accounting, finance,
management, and marketing
2. Use a results-oriented approach to problem-solving and decision-making in
each course within the MBA program
3. Analyze complex business problems from a variety of strategic leadership and
organizational perspectives
4. Make ethical judgments and decisions to ensure socially-responsible and
sustainable business practices