International Admission

West Virginia Wesleyan has a long tradition of attracting international students.
Founded in 1890, Wesleyan is one of 227 national liberal arts colleges. Over 40 programs of study are offered and the student faculty ratio is 14:1. Wesleyan’s faculty and staff offer personal attention from the admission and financial aid process to life beyond graduation. In order to help you understand the services available to international students, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How many international students are enrolled at Wesleyan?
West Virginia Wesleyan has 1,400 students from 35 states and 21 countries. We have 64 international students enrolled this year from the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

What student services are offered to international students?
Wesleyan has an International Student Advisor who assists students with questions about visas and College policies. Each student has an academic advisor to assist with the scheduling of classes and academic program selections. Personal attention endures at Wesleyan.

Is there an international student organization?
The International Student Organization (ISO) is an active student organization that has members from both the United States and foreign countries. The ISO plans cultural events, on-campus and off- campus social events, recreation trips, shopping trips and educational trips throughout the academic year. Every other year, the ISO hosts a banquet featuring international cuisine and entertainment. This is often one of the highlights of the campus entertainment schedule for the academic year. Finally, international students give a variety of presentations about their respective countries to elementary school children near the Wesleyan campus.

Does Wesleyan provide housing for international students?
Wesleyan is a residential campus and nearly 95 percent of all students live on campus. Housing is guaranteed for all years of study at Wesleyan. Most residence hall rooms are double occupancy and many international students live with American students. The College also offers single occupancy units and on-campus suites and apartments. Housing is available to international students during the Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks. However, housing is not available during the Christmas vacation period. Aladdin Food Service offers Wesleyan students a variety of meal plan options.

What transportation services are available to Buckhannon?
International students can fly to the North Central West Virginia Airport (Clarksburg-Bridgeport - CKB) from Washington D.C. (Dullus Int. - AID). Transportation is provided to and from Clarksburg on official college breaks for a minimal fee. Wesleyan is 4.5 hours from Washington, D.C. and 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh Int. - PIT).

Does Wesleyan offer English as a Second Language courses?
West Virginia Wesleyan places a high value on both written and spoken communication. Students from abroad whose native language is not English are expected to demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English sufficient to prepare reading assignments, complete written assignments, and engage freely in classroom discussions. The level of proficiency is normally determined by the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Students whose English language skills are not yet adequate are required to enroll in the College’s English as a Second Language program and continue enrollment either for one semester or one year. The exact length of time will be determined by Wesleyan’s ESL instructional staff.

International students with a TOEFL score of 600 or above are considered sufficiently proficient to pursue a full course of studies. No ESL instruction is required; however, those desiring additional practice in spoken or written English may consult with the ESL staff and with its approval, elect certain courses.

International students with a TOEFL score between 500 and 600 will be evaluated by the ESL instructional staff and may be required to enroll in all or part of the program if their current level of proficiency would hinder classroom progress.

International students with a TOEFL score of 500 or below will be REQUIRED to enroll in Wesleyan’s ESL program for the initial semester at the College. At the conclusion of the initial semester, the ESL instructional staff will evaluate students’ progress and determine whether an additional semester of ESL instruction is required.

Students required to enroll in the English as a Second Language program typically earn six credit hours per semester. A maximum of twelve credit hours of ESL instruction may be applied toward an undergraduate degree; graduate students are required to take ESL instruction will earn undergraduate credit.

Each ESL course normally meets three hours per week. In addition, students meet with student tutors who assist in English language instruction and other academic work. Because of the intensive nature of the program and the small size of classes, there is a fee of $150 per credit hour above and beyond regular tuition.

What are the admission requirements?
All international students must complete an online application. In addition, official high school or secondary school transcripts and official test scores must be mailed separately. If English is not the primary language, the TOEFL is required. If English is the primary language the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is required. The Office of Admission makes admission decisions on a rolling basis.

What scholarships and financial aid are available to international students?
The maximum amount of gift aid available is $16,000 per year. Academic credentials and financial need determine the amount of the International Student Grant. All international students must be able to pay a minimum of $18,000 each year to enroll at Wesleyan.

What are the costs to attend West Virginia Wesleyan?
The 2018-2019 direct costs are as follows:

Board (14 meal plan):
Room (double occupancy):
International Student Insurance:
Total Direct Costs:

In addition, students will need approximately $4,000 per year to cover books, travel, and personal expenses.