Jill OkesJill Okes

Assistant Director of Admission

B.A./M.Ed., West Virginia Wesleyan/Penn State, 2009/2012
Parkersburg, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC: My favorite thing about WVWC is the people that work and attend school here; you will never find two people alike. The broad spectrum of personalities, talents, hometowns, and interests is like no other. You will be a better person for having experienced this campus.

Any advice to prospective students:
The best advice I ever received about choosing a college came from my uncle. He told me, "Become your own person, and don't let outside factors influence who you are destined to be." What does this mean? It means that college is a time to find your own path, separate from what you knew before. Don't let your family or friends influence the direction of that path, and start looking at colleges that speak to who you want to become. Visit early, meet as many people as you can, and be open to new opportunities! Your journey will start as soon as you're ready for it!