Steven WhiteSteven White

Admission Counselor

B.A. English - Creative Writing, West Virginia Wesleyan, 2013
Dailey, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC: Wesleyan feels like home. Whether you are coming from a huge city or a rural area, Wesleyan provides a welcoming atmosphere with caring professors and attentive faculty. Students have the opportunity to be themselves in a supportive environment while getting a quality education. Each student is able to create his or her own experience inside of a greater collective family.

Any advice to prospective students:
Become as involved with the school as early and as much as you can. Whether it's going to sporting events, sitting in on a class, or even just visiting for a couple of hours, walking in the steps of an actual student will give you an insight into what it would be like to attend that particular college. Every campus is different, every environment is different, and every student body is different; immerse yourself in them to know that you are making the right decision.