Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness, & Development (WE LEAD) Peer Council

The WE LEAD peer council is a student group that applies leadership skills gained through the program to organize service events around and bring awareness to local, national, and international societal issues.  Each “issue team” has two or more student leaders who work with their peers, faculty, and staff members to:

  • understand the various (and sometimes competing) aspects of their issue, 

  • offer service and awareness projects to contribute to the problem’s solution, and

  • raise consciousness about its existence to the Wesleyan community at large



The mission of Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness, & Development (WE LEAD) is to provide resources and opportunities for Wesleyan students to build leadership skills, engage in service, and become connected with community and global partners. WE LEAD aims to help students gain awareness and understanding of societal issues in the spirit of education, growth, collaboration, and compassion for others. This is accomplished by student initiative within issue teams in cooperation with WE LEAD Coordinators, liaisons to other campus organizations, and Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development (CCE) staff.  Working within the goals of the Wesleyan and CCE mission statements, WE LEAD endeavors to create an atmosphere of leadership and service on and off campus.


Click here for the 2013-2014 WE LEAD Application


2013-2014 WE LEAD Peer Council

WE LEAD Coordinators
  • Brittany Johnk
  • Kaitlyn Noé
  • Jessica Truman

Animal Welfare
  • Camille Fenz
  • Briana Shockey

Annual Events
  • Elaine Ashman
  • Shawna Clayton

Appalachian Experience
  • Erin Hudnall
  • Luke Teel

Children & Youth
  • Morgan Downing
  • Ksenia Green
  • Tracey Gregory

  • Julia Shaelyn McNamara
  • Bethany Jordan

Health & Wellness
  • Amanda Davis
  • Andrea Jones
  • Breanna Taylor

Social Justice
  • J.T. Noland
  • Angela Pittinger
  • Alexandra Roberts
  • Jessica Walter