WE LEAD Coordinators

WE LEAD Coordinators support Issue Teams with their service and awareness/education projects. Each Issue Team is led by two-three Issue Team Organizers. Working closely with the CCE staff, the WE LEAD Coordinators’ goal is to connect service to issues and increase collaboration between students and community partners through the WE LEAD Peer Council. WE LEAD Coordinators serve as a resource to the Issue Team Organizers and assist them in recruitment strategies, leadership training, and evaluation.


WE LEAD Coordinators are also responsible for WE LEAD as a unit.  This includes setting the agenda for and conducting weekly meetings in addition to developing policies and procedures for WE LEAD as a group.  Examples of this kind of work includes writing bylaws, mission and vision statements; developing guiding principles; and creating resources for Issue Team Organizers in WE LEAD to use.


The work involved is geared towards increasing the capacity of community organizations and building strong sustainable community partnerships. To increase effectiveness of all student leaders, WE LEAD Coordinators and Issue Team Organizers will be trained and knowledgeable in utilizing the Social Change Model of Leadership, Gallup’s Strengths Based Leadership, the Student Leadership Challenge, and other leadership texts. 

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