Hazing is a hidden and serious problem.

 Why this site exists

While being part of a campus group can be one of the most meaningful aspects of student life, hazing is a hidden and serious problem that undermines the value of these experiences for many individuals. Although hazing is not unique to West Virginia Wesleyan College, we believe that it is important to examine these practices explicitly in an attempt to overcome the secrecy that perpetuates them.

 Who this site is for

This site is a resource for students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents and others interested in learning about hazing within student groups at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Since hazing is a national problem that occurs in high schools, colleges, and other settings, this information may be useful to visitors as well.

Things you should know about hazing

  • Hazing is a violation of West Virginia Wesleyan College policy and West Virginia State law.

  • Hazing takes various forms, but typically involves physical risks or mental distress through, for example, humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment.

  • Hazing can cause significant harm to individuals, groups and the college.

  • Hazing has occurred in fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, performance groups, and other organizations.

  • Groups that haze often view it as psitive and necessary.

  • Groups that haze can achieve the positive outcomes they seek from hazing through non-hazing means.


Hazing is a hidden and serious problem.

If you have been hazed, have witnessed hazing, or suspect that someone you know has been hazed, you can report your observations confidentially by phone to college officials.

Wesleyan's ability to investigate reports and enforce the college policy depends on the accuracy and specificity of the information provided. You are encouraged to provide as much specific detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the reported behavior.

You have the option to submit a report anonymously, though officials may find it difficult to complete their investigation without knowing the source of the report. If you choose to provide contact information, your identity will be kept confidential.

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