Awarding of the Presidents Cup

The office of Greek Affairs awards the Presidents Cup to the best all around performing fraternity and sorority chapter every year at homecoming. During alumni gatherings, usually after the homecoming football game, we attend and present a trophy in recognition of their accomplishments.

In 2001, new criterion was formalized through the development of an accreditation system. The Office of Greek Life identified thirteen aspects of Greek life that have been targeted for enhancement and has become the foundation for producing a viable Greek system. The thirteen identified standards are integrated into the Presidents Cup points system as a way to document and measure the successes of each chapter thought-out each year. The College believes that the successful accomplishment of the thirteen initiatives, along with the accreditation program, will assist the entire Greek community in realizing the important missions, values, and goals upon which each national fraternity was founded and has brought the Greek community back in harmony with the central mission of the college.


Past Recipients of the Presidents cup

2013 Alpha Delta Pi Theta Xi
2012 Alpha Delta Pi Theta Chi
2011 Alpha Delta Pi Theta Chi
2010 Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Chi
2009 Alpah Delta Pi Theta Chi
2008 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Sigma Phi
2007 Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Chi
2006 Alpah Delta Pi Theta Xi
2005 Zeta Tau Alpha Chi Phi
2004 Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Xi
2003 Alpha Gamma Delta Chi Phi
2002 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Sigma Phi
2001 Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Xi
2000 Alpha Gamma Delta Theta Xi