Office of Campus Life Room Change Process

  • Room Assignments will not be changed prior to the fall opening of school or during the first two weeks of the fall semester and first week of the spring semester.
  • The third week of the fall semester and second week of the spring semester will be considered Open Room Change. Any student wishing to change rooms at that time will need to contact the Office of Campus Life for approval.
    After Open Room Change, students are expected to reside in their current assignment for the remainder of the semester. If problems arise and a student no longer feels that he or she can live in their current room assignment, that student should contact their Resident Assistant to go over their concerns.
  • Roommate conflicts are the most common consideration for room changes. Students with roommate issues are expected to go through a roommate mediation process with their Resident Assistant before a room change is considered by the Office of Campus Life.
  • Students can not change rooms without approval from the Office of Campus Life. Students who move without approval are subject to judicial action and a possible fine. Students may also be asked to move back to their original room.