Room & Board Rates 2014 - 2015

Room & Board Rates

Per Semester Charge:

Triple Room 1490.00
Double Room 2000.00
Double Deluxe Room 2055.00
Non-Preferred Single Room 2257.00
Camden Apartment 2913.00(price without the meal plan)
Preferred Single Room 2671.00
Double as a Single Room 2914.00
Doney Double Deluxe 2560.00
Doney Single 2914.00
Fleming Hall 3137.00
Dunn Hall 3137.00

These prices include both the room and board prices together.

Full Year:
Triple Room 6870.00
Double Room 7890.00
Double Deluxe Room  8000.00
Non-Preferred Single Room  8404.00
Camden Apartment  5826.00(price without the meal plan)
Preferred Single Room  9232.00
Double as a Single Room  9718.00
Doney Double Deluxe 9010.00
Doney Single 9718.00
Fleming Hall  10164.00
Dunn Hall  10164.00

Student Apartments

Residents living in the student apartments are billed per semester for their housing costs, which include all utilities as well as basic cable television. They are not required to select a meal plan, but may choose to do so if they wish to eat regularly on campus ($1,890/semester)

Meal Plan Options

-14 Meals per week & $200 Cat's Claw Dollars per year

-19 Meals per week & $120 Cat's Claw Dollars per year


Disclaimer - rates are reviewed annually