Wellness Center

The Wellness Center staff is made up of three full-time staff members, a graduate assistant and student work studies who oversee the Wellness Center during all operational hours.

Professional Staff:

  • Director: John Bohman
Coordinator: Katie Squires
Instructional Program’s Coordinator: Lauren Anderson
Graduate Assistant: Evan Roberts


Student Staff:

  • Front Row: Destinie Hubbard, Jaclyn Luciany, Brittany Williams, Rachel Ritchey
  • Second Row: Amber Kibler, Fawn Reid, Ali Crawford, Ashley Hurey, Michaela Weiler
  • Third Row: Pat Milkowski, Desmond Sivels, Seth Blake, Kate Babiuch, DeAntre Watkins, Isaiah Robinson
  • Fourth Row: Alec Buchmelter, Lauren Graham, Jamale Myrick, Chris Kimble

The Wellness Center hires new staff members each fall. All students interested in a position with the Wellness Center must be eligible for federal work study. Not sure if you quality? Contact the financial aid office to find out!


For more information contact us at 304-473-8138 or by email at wellnesscenter@wvwc.edu.