Cap and Gown and Related Information

Dear Graduating Senior:

If you happened to miss the Graduation Fair in Erickson Alumni Center on February 25 and 26, please take note of the information below.  We encourage you to complete the following so there will be no surprises on Commencement Weekend:

  1. Contact the bookstore to order your Cap and Gown and receive information on Announcements and Class Rings (304-473-8015 or,
  2. Stop by the Student Accounts office to make certain you have no outstanding bill (304-473-8453 or [NOTE:  If you have an outstanding balance your diploma will be held until payment in full is made to the College],
  3. Contact the Financial Aid Office to schedule any exit interviews you may need for scholarships and/or loan programs (304-473-8080 or,
  4. Stop by the Career Services Office to talk about your upcoming plans and schedule an appointment for help with your resume, if needed (304-473-8441 or and
  5. Visit the Erickson Alumni Center to sign the 2014 Senior Banner.

We know this is a very exciting time and we congratulate you on your many achievements. If you have any questions, please contact the alumni office at your earliest convenience (304-473-8509 or