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The partnership with ASUS/CDW-G offers students alternatives in product, configuration, and price point to meet their college laptop needs.

West Virginia Wesleyan College is pleased to continue our vendor partnership with ASUS and CDW-G. Student feedback has shown that mobile computing adds tremendously to the learning environment at Wesleyan. The Student Ownership program allows students to select a laptop based on their individual needs and purchase it directly from one of the college certified vendors. WVWC will provide on-site warranty repair for ASUS laptops purchased through this program.

Note: There are several differences with ASUS systems compared to our recommended Dell units. Although warranty repairs are performed on-campus, repairs for accidental damage claims must be performed by ASUS at their depot repair facility. (The Computing Services Helpdesk should be consulted first to assist with claim processing, data backup, etc.) Likewise, units that are purchased through BestBuy also have warranty restricted to the ASUS depot or BestBuy locations. Also, warranty coverages vary by model, so you should be careful when comparing products to ensure that you understand all of the features of the model. Finally, model configurations are static and cannot be customized.

Click on the Bobcat Paw below to order directly from the CDW-G web site at special WVWC pricing for students registered at the College. Students and parents can choose from among numerous models that have been approved by Wesleyan's Computing Services department. Use CDW-G's comparison charts on the page to review product and warranty differences between models within a product line.

For additional information regarding WVWC student laptop requirements and important purchasing information, please refer to our Laptop Purchasing 101 page on the Helpdesk web site. As always, please feel free to send your specific questions to

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