The Comprehensive Advisor

Each student who is enrolled in the Learning Center foundational services for students with diagnosed disabilities will have the opportunity to meet with a Comprehensive Advisor on a weekly basis.

Many of our students tell us the Comprehensive Advisor relationship is key to making the transition to college life; our first year students have described the Comprehensive Advisor as an “anchor.”


The Comprehensive Advisor offers to work with students in the following ways:

  • Developing academic, organizational, and self-monitoring strategies

  • Discussing priorities and motivational outlook

  • Deciding about accommodations to be used for college classes

  • Self-Advocacy coaching to describe needed accommodations to faculty

  • Advising for academic schedules the first three semesters with preferential registration

  • Connecting to services within our program support system

  • Linking with other campus offices for extra-curricular referral and support

  • Processing the individual's transition to college and general functioning