Support for Students with Learning Disabilities, Attention Difficulties, and Other Special Needs

The College is strongly committed to providing excellent support to students with documented learning disabilities, attention difficulties, and other special needs. An individually structured program has been designed to accommodate our students. Professionals who have earned graduate degrees in the fields of Education, Educational Psychology, Special Education, Counseling, and Reading work to help each student design strategies for academic success. Accommodation Plans are determined through a review of the documentation provided by the student and the recommendation of the student’s Comprehensive Advisor, who works closely with each individual. The student will have access to our foundational services prior to, during, and after enrollment in our fee-based programs. The following services are provided when appropriate to the needs of the student:

  • Individual support from a Comprehensive Advisor who plans and coordinates accommodation of student needs and acts as liaison with other departments of the College. The Comprehensive Advisor mentors the student through graduation with intensive emphasis on the student’s first and second year.

  • Weekly one-on-one academic strategy guidance

  • Support for the transition to college level academics

  • Individualized Accommodation Plan, updated as needed

  • Preferential registration and specialized academic advising for the first three semesters

  • Extended time and separate test taking location for qualified students

  • Note-takers when appropriate

  • Alternative textbook format, i.e., available computer software, enlarged print, digital textbooks

  • Utilization of the Lindamood-Bell ® approach to learning
    (this program is fee-based).

  • The Mentor Advantage Program, transition or persistence phase, available as requested
    (this program is fee-based)

  • Customized professional Tutoring, through the Mentor Advantage Program, hours available as requested (this program is fee-based)
  • Day-time check-In: A professional tutor will be on duty to provide organizational and academic support between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM in our Mentor Advantage study area, Monday through Friday, while the College is in session
  • Peer-Based Tutoring is an all-campus service, not limited to students with learning disabilities.
  • Study Groups: Peer-led study groups may be organized for some classes not covered by the Walk-In Tutoring Program. If students need help for a class in a department not listed on the Walk-In Tutor schedule, they contact the Tutor Supervisor. The Tutor Supervisor works with the professor who teaches the class to organize a study group for the class. Study group times and locations will be announced in the class. This is an all-campus service.