Professor Notification

Appropriate documentation for students with diagnosed disabilities will be kept on file in the Learning Center office. The student is responsible for making a specific request to the professor of each class in which accommodations are needed. In order to receive testing accommodations, the student must provide the required documentation for the disability in a timely manner to the Learning Center office and must comply with the procedures for accommodations that have been described in the Learning Center handbook.

The student will be given a personalized letter from the Learning Center which states the name and contact information of the student's Comprehensive Advisor and acknowledges the existence of the student's learning disability. The student may share this letter with the professor of the class for which accommodations are being requested. The Comprehensive Advisor will coach each student to become a self-advocate in describing the need for accommodations. The professor may contact the student's Comprehensive Advisor as a resource in providing effective strategies that may enhance the learning process, or to verify the accommodation request.