West Virginia Wesleyan College and
The United Methodist Church

UMC Logo“The genius of spiritual leaders in all ages has been to recognize education as basic to spiritual growth. By the same token they have deprecated ignorance as one of the chief enemies of man’s spiritual well-being.”

- Dr. Thomas W. Haught
Dean of WV Wesleyan 1909-1929
Dr. Thomas W. Haught penned these words in the early WVWC history, West Virginia Wesleyan College 1890-1940. Dr. Haught understood the basic, yet solid link between spirituality and education. In the 21st Century, recognizing and understanding that link is as important as ever.

Church Ties

HaughtThe relationship between West Virginia Wesleyan College and the United Methodist Church has remained profound and meaningful since the establishment of the College in 1890. Today, the United Methodist Annual Conferences in the region continue to support that partnership through annual apportionments and the support of Bishops Ernest S. Lyght (West Virginia) and Thomas J. Bickerton (Western Pennsylvania), who serve on Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees as ex officio voting members. The partnership is furthered by the West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania Annual Conferences through United Methodist scholarship opportunities and active student recruitment. The partnership is supported by the College as well, as we continue to embrace the spirit and tradition of our namesake, John Wesley. The commitment to community engagement is ever-present, and the spirit of academic freedom and intellectual growth are held to the highest standards and given the utmost importance.

Campus Spiritual & Religious Life

ChapelOn Wesleyan’s campus, those of all faiths have been extended a voice. Rev. Angela Gay Kinkead, Dean of the Chapel, ministers to the campus community and takes an active role in civic engagement projects throughout the region and beyond. The campus Religious Life Council represents a variety of student organizations, providing a wide assortment of spiritual and religious life opportunities for all who wish to take part. Spiritual and religious life at Wesleyan embraces the notion that an integral part of one’s spiritual journey is being part of a diverse spiritual environment where one can explore and strengthen his or her own faith. All are welcomed into campus spiritual and religious life with open hearts, open minds and open doors.


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Church Relations Contact Information:

Rev. Angela Gay Kinkead
Dean of the Chapel
Phone: 304-473-8007
E-mail: kinkead@wvwc.edu


Dr. Larry Parsons
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Phone: 304-473-8042
E-mail: :parsons@wvwc.edu